The Mind is a Terrible Place for Ideas.

Though mostly silent to us, the birth of an idea sets off alarm bells somewhere in our head. In that moment three grey men awaken from their slumber and begin patrolling the perimeter of our mind…


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I like to study the biographies of famous personalities, especially women. Their way of thinking and statements sometimes inspire and help to be stronger and more determined in everyday life.

So, if we personally met over a cup of tea with the Queen of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, we would hear the following phrases from her:

1. “ I often just throw unpleasant thoughts out of my head”

2. “ It has always been easy to hate and destroy. It is much more difficult to build and cherish”

3. “I don’t have a formula for success. But many years of observation allow me to say that some aspects of leadership are universal and, as a rule, relate to the ability to unite people, their talents, enthusiasm and inspiration”

4. “ Let’s not take ourselves too seriously. None of us has a monopoly on wisdom”

5 .” To be an inspiration to others, it is not necessary to save lives and win medals. Very often I draw strength and inspiration from ordinary people who do extraordinary things: these are volunteers, nurses, public figures, these are unsung heroes whose quiet selflessness makes them special.”

6. “ Pleasant memories are our second chance for happiness”

7. “ We cannot put an end to wars or stop injustice, but the effect of thousands of small good deeds put together can be stronger than we can imagine”

8. “ There is no doubt that the darkest phenomena in society come from divorce and general separation”

9. “ Sadness is the price we pay for love”

10. “ One of the joys of a long life is the opportunity to watch your children, then your grandchildren and great-grandchildren and help them decorate the Christmas tree.”

After dreaming about a morning tea with the queen, you can safely get to work) Have a good working week, everyone))

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