Toni Has Her Sailing Certifications

My business partner and I have been through a lot. We’ve raced hurricanes in airplanes, weathered deaths, surgeries, car accidents, pneumonia, and some fairly interesting clients. We’ve also walked…


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The Best Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms

As the number of cryptocurrencies continues to grow, with several becoming available on almost a weekly basis, it’s no surprise that many people aren’t able to keep up with all of them and where’s the best place to trade them.

As you evaluate different online trading platforms, there are a number of features which should be present for a platform to be considered secure.

Here are some of the most well-reviewed and popular online cryptocurrency trading platforms out there:

Although there are many options for trading cryptocurrency and Coinbase is often recommended before all others, for many reasons, you should always do your own research before you begin buying or investing in any type of cryptocurrency.

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BLMP (Blockchain Licensing Marketplace) is a blockchain technology company working to remove obstacles and facilitate trust in the complex issues surrounding supply chain management transactions in the virtual goods industry.

BLMP Network uses blockchain technology to connect digital platforms around the world with global brands to monetize officially licensed virtual goods across any digital platform; from games to streaming services & social media, allowing millions of users access to a whole new world of branded virtual products.

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