Beginning of Surekha Foundation

On the birthday of my mother, I decided to establish the foundation on her name “Surekha” . Primary purpose is to empower education opportunities for students in rural India( bharat ). The purpose is…


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Getting Through The Days

Here I am sitting at my desk, thinking and writing about how my days has been going so far. Today is the 9th of January and I’m glad to say that I have managed to survive through the days from the start, up till this very day. Eventhough it might be a small thing to everyone else, but little achievements like this makes me feel that I am a strong person overall and I can become an even stronger person in the future. I could be facing the worst situation ever imagined but of course, with lots of strength and determination, I would be able to get through it as well. Having lots of support from family and friends is the most important factor too!

I’m so glad that I am offered into a friendly working environment at my workplace. The colleagues that I have there are much much older than me and I can say that I’m the youngest staff there. With much support and guidance from my bosses here, I have been improving lots here as well as adding as much knowledge here! Working as an admin is a first and new experience for me. I have also doubt myself about working in a company which requires working during office hours and also sitting down in front of a computer for almost 8–9 hours. Picking up calls from clients is also a new thing for me. I have always worked as a Retails Assistant and I have enjoyed working with different companies throughout. It allows me to communicate and interact with new customers everyday. From the fussy ones to the ones who have touched my heart.

I’m a very loud person and I enjoy making the people around me happy. It warms my heart to see them smiling and getting the best out of themselves. I try to make my days worth something to look forward to. I do experience those bad days but I have always reminded myself that “It’s just a bad day, not a bad life.” I remind myself that I am very lucky and super blessed to have loving and caring people around me. These are the little reminders that keeps me going throughout the days.

I’m so glad that I have managed to create a list of goals and dreams that I want to achieve by the end of this year. I tell myself that making mistakes is a natural thing that every human beings do. We are humans, we make mistakes. As simple as that. From the little mistakes that we do, we learn from it.

I’m just hoping that this year would be a great year for me, as 2017 has taught me many things which made me a person that I am today. The experiences, the heartaches, the happiness, the anger and frustration that I have been through made me a better person overall. I have learnt to always give some TLC [Tender-Loving-Care] for myself whenever possible. This is a huge and a important step to creating a positive mindset for myself.

Whoever’s reading this, I hope that you have been going through your days of 2018 well. Whatever it is, try to create a positive mindset for yourself so that you would be able to keep yourself going through the year. Never give up and always do whatever that you love. Keep your passion going and keep yourself active! Being active and productive throughout, helps your brain and body feel great and I’m sure your body will thank you. You will feel awesome overall. Eat healthy, exercise, watch your favorite shows/movies/drama/skit, eat your favorite food/snacks and ignore every negativity possible. Stay happy and good luck everyone!

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