Why and How to Be a Better Listener Using Active Listening Skills

What makes a good listener feature in most people’s list of ideal partner qualities? That’s because a good listener makes you feel understood, valued, & respected — basically, validated. And active…


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The Time for Change is Now

Rajesh Jain

There will be no better opportunity for us than the next elections due in or before April-May 2019. While the BJP won a majority in 2014 (in which I had a role to play via Niti Digital), it is uncertain if they will be able to repeat the same feat in the next elections. Not having done the promised structural reforms for “minimum government, maximum governance” because the true meaning of the words was never understood, hopes for a better future have been belied for many segments.

Yes, farm loans have been waived, gas connections have been provided to many crores, villages have been electrified, corruption has been made invisible, and so on. The question to really ask is: did the government smash the anti-prosperity machine? And on that, the answer is a resounding No. If anything, it has grown it even bigger.

If education had been freed up, if regulations curtailing business had been torched, if the wheels of justice had been speeded up, if individual freedoms had been made absolute, if property rights had been made fundamental, if government had actually gotten out of business, if every law that came in the way of wealth creation had been repealed, if the public wealth of people had been returned, if taxes had been made lower forcing government itself to shrink — farmers would not require loan waivers, every Indian family would have been able to buy their own gas cylinder, corruption would not be possible.

Government is not our benefactor. People in government are not there to do good for us — they have a single goal of looking after their own self-interest by staying in power. We have to stop listening to what they say and start looking at what they do. Every action has a seen part, and an unseen part. We need to start understanding the unseen.

The next elections are as open as they can be. And therein lies the opportunity for a new platform like Nayi Disha. With the anti-prosperity machine in full flourish, if 10–20 crore of us who do not swear by the symbol of a party can come together, we can change India’s direction. It’s up to us now.

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