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The usual web developer job interview

Decided to write this story about the usual job interview discussion which from my point of view can have a different approach rather than asking the same questions about what was the involvement in specific project or what was the specific attributions of the employee and what is the stack a developer work with. To reduce the objectives a developer have for a specific project is to build simple, reusable, and decoupled software with the focus on quality. Having to deal with a vast amount of frameworks, libraries and tools for creating web application, sticking to a specific preference is not worth it because there is no specific piece of software which helps you to create a complex web application without having to learn.

It is mostly like solving a puzzle choosing the right programming language, the right libraries for what you have to build in order to create a software which is simple and easily be modified to scale when necessary. For that the ability to adapt, learn, and iterate through small experiments to find the right solution for what you are building is necessary and can be done only when you are not having specific preferences and look at your goal with detachment every moment during the development process.

So rather than asking what a developer did while worked for specific company better find what he can do and what is his ability when it comes to create something new, and it might be easier to find that when it comes to discuss on the interview by having trust and patience to ask the right questions.

The thing is when you create something new and you feel that joy its easier to know what is your ability but knowing your ability does not mean to not be serious about it because having the overall picture about what you’re building is necessary to not lose in details, those details make the difference but you have to not cling and just use them as a piece of “puzzle” to complete your goal, is like while you’re trying to complete a puzzle and you look at a piece fascinated about the paint on it instead of seeing the overall picture. You can look for a moment with appreciation and reflect then…

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