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Easily Install These Domain Categorization APIs On Your Website

Are you seeking to obtain and analyze data from your website? Then, read to the end because here we will tell you how to insert easily these domain categorization APIs on your website!

In its most basic form, website categorization is the process of grouping websites that visitors encounter into distinct categories. These categories cover everything from the industries they belong to more detailed explanations of what they hold.

On the other hand, as a developer, you surely already know that APIs are designed in order to communicate a software with another software. As a result, they can automatize a work to increase processing volumes and efficiency while also relieving humans of repetitive work. Otherwise, this could take hours or even days of work and a lot of mental effort.

So, website categorization APIs are third-party solution tools that can classify websites mostly depending on the data source and the information they contain. Most of them use Natural Language Processing (NLP) and a Machine Learning Engine. As a result, the answer can be written in JSON, PHP, or Python.

These APIs work with HTTP requests to communicate to a publicly available URL endpoint containing JSON data. So, when creating them, you can then insert the code they provide in your website domain after converting it in to JavaScript in order to make them work automatically.

Nevertheless, you should know there are several website categorization APIs you could work with available in 2022. So, in order to make things easier for you, we will introduce you to the best ones to install in your website.

This API can help you make the most of your data by providing you with a comprehensive perspective of your market, prospects, and customers. It can also reach and engage target audiences, create customized buyer journeys, and act on intent signals quickly at any point in the customer lifecycle. As a result, you can concentrate your funnel, team, and process on your most valuable prospects. By using it, real-time marketing intelligence may assist businesses in growing faster and smarter.

This API scans a website’s content and meta tags using a machine learning (ML) engine. It uses natural language processing to extract text to classify the site and assign the top Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) categories that apply to it, along with accompanying confidence scores (NLP).

Now, you are aware which are the best categorization APIs to insert on your website in order to obtain and analyze data from your company. You should start trying them and see how they result for you!

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