Radical Honesty vs Flexible Honesty

I once had a friend who, come hell or high-water, she was determined to always tell the whole truth about her past. This included a myriad of things, including a slew of debauchery and promiscuity…


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32: Jets

31: Colts

30: Browns

Congrats Browns fans, you’re not the worst team in the league. The browns still don’t appear to have found the guy at quarterback, but during the first 2 games, the browns have shown signs of a bright future with the young talent they’re starting the build around.

29: 49ers

28: Bengals

27: Bears

26: Cardinals

25: Saints

24: Bills

23: Giants

The Giants open up the season 0 — 2 for the fourth time in 5 seasons with Eli Manning. Coach Ben macadoo criticized manning’s sloppy quarterback play. Manning said he deserved the criticism when you quote “lose games, you score only 10 points, you deserve some criticism.”

22: Texans

21: Chargers

20: Rams

19: Jaguars

18: Eagles

17: Redskins

16: Vikings

15: Panthers

The Panthers are 2 — 0 but Cam Newton clearly isn’t 100% and the team is squeaking out victories. A 9–3 win over the Bills isn’t something to write home about.

14: Dolphins

13: Seahawks

12: Cowboys

11: Buccaneers

Tampa Bay has only played one game, but they looked impressive. Crushing the Bears 29 — 7, the Bucs could make some noise this year.

10: Titans

9: Packers

8: Lions

7: Steelers

6: Ravens

5: Broncos

Denver’s thrashing of Dallas adds another 2 — 0 team to the AFC west, and the broncos look like a team to beat. Trevor Siemian has been playing well and the defense has been wreaking havoc on opposing QBs with arguably the best backfield in the league.

4: Falcons

After Atlanta’s impressive performance against the packers, the falcons are a team on a mission to get back to the super bowl and finish what they started.

3: Patriots

2: Raiders

The Chiefs and Raiders top our power rankings respectively. Playing dominant on both sides of the ball, we can’t wait to see these division rivals play on October 19th will be a Thursday night game worth watching.

1: Chiefs

That’s your week 3 power rankings with Spencer Egan, thanks for reading.

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