European Blockchain Partnership declaration signed by 22 European ministers

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Kagame Minister Attacked The Outgoing Head Of La Francophonie For Mentioning The Rwigara Trial

Minister of State for East Africa Olivier Nduhungirehe and his boss, Rwanda head of state General Kagame

Ambassador Olivier Nduhungirehe, Kagame’s Minister of State in charge of the East African Community, became rather undiplomatic today. He attacked Michaelle Jean, the outgoing Secretary General of La Francophonie. And what was Michaelle Jean’s crime? She mentioned the trial of the opposition leader, Diane Rwigara and her mother. Jean made the following comments on Twitter:

And what was Ambassador Nduhungirehe’s response? The Ambassador threw diplomacy to the wind and became vulgar:

The minister for East Africa must have earned a praise or two from his boss — they sound the same. Attack anything that moves. And as loudly as possible.

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