Why People Like Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi Housing Scheme ?

Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi is one of the most modest and alluring lodging projects in Rawalpindi. The best point about the general public is that RDA has at long last supported its NOC (No Complaint…


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Sophia God

When I refer to God nowadays, I often say Sophia God. For me, that phrase matches the vibrational tones that connect me to the essence which I know as myself. There is a simultaneous connection and resonance above me and below me, along with a uniting of the femininity and masculinity within me. A holy matrimony within and around me.

It has been such a precious unfolding for me that I have not wanted to share my process and understandings. Yet as I share in sessions I witness the weaving coming in, and wanted to expand here in case anyone chooses to explore.

This came about through an initiation two years ago after realizing Sophia, for me, is not solely the name of a diety. A while after, I was in an experience of extreme suffering and chaos, and the presence that filled me to guide me forward was a future version of me that had a strong connection with Sophia. For me, it's a sign of an authentic connection for there was not someone telling me to work with these words.

Even when witnessing people that do, such as Kaia Ra who is strongly working with Sophia, I am highly discerning as to what I receive as to not accidently take on anothers connections and definitions as my own. With this said, her work is profound, and if you feel inspired I recommend checking out her book "The Sophia Code".

I enjoy asking myself what words and phrases mean for me, and for my higher self to guide me, so that I can arrive into a pure sovereign understanding within myself.

There are so many beautiful ways to refer to the divine, to our connection above and below. The animal spirits and elements here I currently feel more resonance with, such as bees and crocodiles, water and fire, rather than angels and ETs.

And, there is a place within me that can find resonance and pure undistorted connection with it all, too. During phases of massive unveiling, I had to let it all go, all guides I mistook as outside of myself, and then rely solely upon my higher self to guide me, which is still my number one companion here on this earthly plane.

When my spiritual journey ramped up 9 years ago, that phrase "higher self" captivated me and moved me forward. I was in awe to realize that there was a voice within me that knew me better than anyone else. All I wanted to do was get close to that one. I instinctively knew I needed to get off from anti-depressants to be able to hear her more clearly, and soon after that was exactly what I did.

Reuniting and strengthening my connection to my higher self, the voice of my soul, continues to be a guiding light and beconing beacon on my path, to go inwards and listen deeply and lovingly to myself as I make progress and move forward.


“Bees are one of the highest totems of Divine Feminine Christ consciousness. Their collective embodiment is an exceptional example of how we are all here to work together for the nectar of Sophia God here on this planet.

Let’s send a shout out of love and respect to all of the bee people on this planet. As we send this blessing out, remember to send the blessing inward as well, for bee medicine is also within your heart.

You are here to co-create the beautiful nectar of Sophia Christ consciousness in this reality, which builds the temples of Heaven on Earth.” -- Kaia Ra


Chelsea Linda Richardson
Intuitive Counseling

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