A Guide to the Perfect Morning Routine for Best Day Ever

A morning routine is important for a successful day because it can set the tone for your entire day. Even if you are not a morning person, there are things you can do to have a great start to your…


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Like in every torture chamber

You have to wander

How you got there. Every

Peripatetic resident of

This greenbrown world

Knows that

Even in a classic car

Driving through painted

Backdrops of artful sunsets

And bad apple summers

You have to look back

At the pillars of salt

At the empty bottles


Some in the sea, some in the corners

Sometimes it’s just like

Piercing your skin

With brightly colored push-pins

As if to say

There and there and there

And unfortunately

Why and why and why

(some invisible hand is turning the wheel

is tightening the chains)

Some dead poet said

A shoestring breaking

Drives you to madness

Not war

Not disease

Not poverty

Not the torture

The shoestring snapping

The shoestring theory of the universe

At any crossroad you have to

Dig deep and ask the devil

The big hard question

“Did I do this or did you?”

but never ask why

if you take anything from this

it’s gotta be that

When you wake up seemingly

From the pure black

And all signs lead to a dirty blonde

With shoulder blades moving like a vulture

Whose intentions to cut her wrist before breakfast


You have no answers for anyone

So you replay it

Moans like studio recording

Cut action cut

Fade out

And then politely try to say goodbye

But you have no voice

So you smile and wave

Burn the sheets, sit inside and pray

compress this scene inside yourself

And lock it twice

Gather up a million

Beautiful people

Dress them in pearls

And black suits

And take them to the river

Let them stand in it

Let them stop its course

Flood the world with them

And float away somewhere clean and crisp

To rewrite the world

Leave nothing out this time.

Watch a six minute video

Girl on guy on girl on guy

And eat something to fight off guilt

Try to match the sun today

And remember it’s

A dying star

Shake off the presence

of some prior life

People are just making a living

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