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How dcyphr Makes Life Better for Students

dcyphr is an essential tool for students.The lives of students are immensely busy, bouncing around from one assignment to the next, and analysing research papers can often be hefty tasks. Shifting through a continuous stream of tautological jargon is especially frustrating. Dcyphr- the world’s first wiki for scientific research, has a huge database of summaries that provide students with the ability to obtain the paper’s information in a shorter time period, removing unnecessary terminology and presenting the fundamental findings of the paper. Students are likely to understand the paper itself better, but will also be left with more time to complete other work, or look at other research. This is a useful tool for all students looking to improve their productivity and take their academic performance to the next level.

dcyphr also allows students who are just finding their feet in the world of science to start reading beyond their current level. Accessing recently published papers can be difficult, often requiring expensive annual fees or a university-level education, frequently inhibiting high school students from expanding their knowledge outside of the textbook. dcyphr’s numerous summaries means that there is ample opportunity for students who want to explore their subject outside of the classroom to do so. This not only helps students master their subject, but helps ease the transition between high-school level science and undergraduate science.

Even if you’re already an undergraduate student with scientific experience, dcyphr can be a powerful weapon within your armoury of resources. Scientific research papers are read weekly within university courses, but students are rarely taught how to read them correctly. Not only do dcyphr’s summarises help student’s analyse pre-existing papers they need help with, but can also show students the key components of papers that they should be looking for. This allows students to simultaneously increase the understanding of their subject, and how to analyse it better in the future. Dcyphr helps students to save time in the present and the future.

Whilst dcyphr’s coverage of content is universal, the website is also personalised to you. Dcyphr’s helpful “request an article” feature means that the website serves as a personable learning tool that helps you to directly tackle challenging papers or topics which you are looking to develop your knowledge in. Dcyphr already has over a thousand available papers, and a growing number of qualified contributors. But we’re not stopping there. We also have a built-in dictionary of complicated scientific terms, and the ability to ask questions on each paper, which will be answered by one of our contributors. When it comes to research papers, we’re hoping to revolutionize the student learning experience for everyone.

Add dcyphr to your learning process. Improve the way you learn. Save time.

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