Flipping The Script On The Holidays

While many look forward to the holiday season, it can also be a time of heightened stress and anxiety. If you’re dreading the holiday season, here are some ways to revise the narrative you might be…


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She is unique words ,
She is melodies of gold
She is rivers of sensual tunes
She is the aesthetic lines in the sky.

She is a foreign isthmus
She is the smell of coffee in the morning
She is the smell of dust after rain
She is the hidden face of a sweet spring .

She is eternity and immortality
She is the wrecks of a masterpiece
She is canvas on oil
She is the portrait of a lady on fire.

She who she is
No one can take away her spark
That will light a whole universe
With crystal rays that will steal eyes.

She’ll drive sanity into unsanity
Turn black into happy grey
Calm raged volcanos
She’ll froze fire flames and turn them sparks of joy.

She’ll made diseases a bless on one’s soul
Her voice will cure damaged hearts,
It cured mine
Her smile will sned heaven on earth.

Her touch will make flowers grow throughout oceans
And no one will reveal her magical existence
NO one could break her,
Yet she is shattered into pieces.

She made my life blessed with love
But she’ll destroy you
Her venom is addictive.

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