Keep up with the Times. 5 Web Design Trends to Embrace in 2021

Web design trends and techniques have changed dramatically over the years. It’s almost foreign to think about “Web 2.0”, shiny buttons, and gradients everywhere. It’s even crazier thinking what the…


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Building the Second Day

Hospitality in any city is a small pond. Unless you’re a tadpole who’s only in there until you grow legs so you can hop about on land you’re eventually going to run into all the other fishes. In such a small pond it’s easy to feel like a big fish but if you’re a frog who never got out of the water it doesn’t matter how big you are because the fish are hungry and piranhas will tear a cane toad to shreds.

Back to building another day. I caught a glimpse of the morning before I caught an Uber in which the driver had fenced himself with plastic sheeting duct taped to the roof of his car. We didn’t talk much. I did some work stuff at work and then had a beer with the chef who was also doing work stuff. He left and I did some more work stuff while I waited for the person who had ordered a pick-up of wine to arrive.

They arrived and I closed up then I picked up supplies for my wife’s birthday party tomorrow night. Party of four as per government mandate. They’re our best friends and the party probably wouldn’t have been any bigger anyway.

Got home and wolfed down some dinner and we watched some Netflix while I watched my wife pick her cuticles to pieces. She said she was fine. Got drunk and watched asinine youtube for the rest of the night.

Today was productive but I didn’t like it. Amphibians might play a vital role in all sorts of ecosystems but I don’t like their slimy skin. Pick a medium, motherfuckers, and make it your own.

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