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Goldfinch is a decentralized protocol that allows you to get loans without securing them with cryptocurrency.
It’s similar to a collateral-free loan from a bank, granted only on the basis of a credit history and an assessment of a business’s solvency. And this is its main competitive difference from other DEFI protocols.
This nuance is a huge step forward for the cryptocurrency industry. A step towards the long-awaited introduction of cryptocurrencies into the real economy.

Notably, Goldfinch not only provides the opportunity to borrow unsecured cryptocurrency, but also provides them not only to crypto startups, but to real companies from the real sector.
And this is the second advantageous difference between Goldfinch and the usual DEFI protocols.
At the moment, companies from the financial sector can use Goldfinch services. Perhaps even those who also provide loans to some individuals or small businesses.

Goldfinch although it’s a project at an early stage, but nevertheless they operate on the principle of “first things first, and we finalize everything in the process. And at this point they have already approved substantial loans to some companies.

What is the difference between Goldfinch and a normal bank or financial institution?

It’s decentralized. That is, the liquidity providers here are ordinary people.
Goldfinch is essentially just an intermediary. A marketplace where, on one side, there are companies that need a loan, and on the other side, there are people who can provide them with the loan.
What used to be the prerogative of banks is now moving into the world of cryptocurrencies. And companies get a number of benefits from that, like making it easier to get a loan, or making capital available anywhere in the world.
And the investor gets the opportunity to select projects and lend them directly. Although, of course, the protocol will take a percentage of the profits.
Goldfinch is a promising platform, which is already attracting the attention of experienced investors. Experts predict a great future for this platform. Do not stand on the sidelines, take the opportunity to become one of the first beakers on the platform and earn rewards now!

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