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The importance of knowing the issues in the field

Hi everyone.

So far I have mainly written articles about stock closing, but I would like to start writing about how to set up a 0→1 business based on my experience.

A scheduled article on launching a business from 0 to 1
・Why it is good to have someone who knows the field create the solution
・The importance of narrowing down the problem
・The harm of multi-functional services at the start of your business
・How to study UI/UX
・Marketing (what to do in the beginning)
・Content marketing: How many articles should I write in the beginning?
・How to create a catchphrase

Today’s topics are

It is often said that to launch a new business, it is better to have a deep knowledge of the issues in the field, such as what you have already experienced.

But what if you want to start up a new service on your own, even though it is outside your area of expertise?

Personally, I would say interviewing 100 people.

That’s how important it is to have the first-hand experience of the issues in the field.

Of course, this depends on your ability to abstract from the user interviews, so there are cases where you can identify the issues in depth with a smaller number of user interviews. However, it is not a bad idea to keep in mind that you will need about 100 people. It is that difficult to identify a must-have that users will pay for. It is relatively easy to come up with a “better service”, but it is difficult to sublimate it into a sustainable business because it does not fully penetrate the “must-have” pain points.

I’d like to talk about 3traps that you can fall into if you don’t know the issues on the ground or develop a service based on a quick understanding from interviews with five or fewer people.

Not knowing the issues in the field, you will fall into one of the three major categories.
・You can’t go beyond the mediocre services that everyone else comes up with.
・There is already a predecessor of the same kind.
・Create services that do not meet user needs at all

Let me explain with one example.

There are many cases where people try to start a business with “a simple service to provide abstracts of medical papers in your own language” for doctors, but most of these services miss the point. I have yet to see a successful example.

At first glance, it seems to be a very useful service for doctors who are unfamiliar with English or busy doctors, doesn’t it? Of course, that’s what the person who started this service thinks (assumes?). But in reality, it is not.

The real market is

Doctors who read papers are accustomed to reading original papers in English (and they can read them in a relatively short time because they have a set format once the technical terms are suppressed), and they do not bother to read only the abstract in their original language.

On the other hand, doctors who don’t read papers don’t read abstracts even if they are in their original language.

Therefore, even if you launch this service, you will have a hard time recruiting physician members and monetizing the service because it is only a “better to have” and has not been fully sublimated to a “must-have.

This is an example of creating a service that doesn’t meet user needs at all because you don’t know the needs of the field in depth.

In the next article, I will explain the importance of narrowing down the issues, assuming you know the issues in the field.

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