How Listening to Indie Developers Led to the Creation of a New Kind of Conference for Games.

We interviewed game developers and publishers and used those results to build a new business conference for video games.


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Install Ruby On Rails on Linux

Installation is always headache when starting new thing. Even more when starting new programming language. But no worries cause installing Ruby On Rails in Linux is just that simple. Prepare a tea ☕ and Brace yourself.

So you have to take care of 5 steps:-
1. Ruby
2. Sqlite3
3. Node js & npm
4. Yarn
5. Rails

Step 1:- Install Ruby

Step 2:- Here Comes SQLite3

Step 3:- Next Stop Node js & npm

Step 4:- Almost there Yarn

Step 5:- Final Destination Rails

=> Let’s make a project on rails

If everything goes well, Move further.

You will find a link after following this command, Open it.
You will see this 👇👇👇

You have completed Installations. Trusting you enjoyed your Tea ☕.

If have any queries then please let me know. I will try my level best to solve.

Thank you so much for your time.

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