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These deals could be equity capital raises, secondary transactions, convertible loans, and the issue of derivatives like options for employee ownership. When there is a deal the company publishes it…


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Make Sure You Know That You Are Awesome

Why it’s important to be your biggest fan.

Self-love is a slippery thing. As someone who has struggled with body issues for years and has a strong aversion to failure, loving myself is not always easy. Self-confidence is something I fight for. Believing I am worthy is something I fight for.

I think this is quite human. Most individuals have issue-areas on their body, situations in which they are uncomfortable, or questions whether they really meet the qualification requirements of a job posting.

Friends and family who support, comfort, and encourage you can be helpful. It is good to feel loved and like someone believes in you. They can help you understand what makes you awesome, but they can’t make you believe that you are. That has to come from you.

There is no one you spend more time with than yourself. I have found that nothing is more vital than self-love for my short- and long-term happiness in life. I define happiness as having a positive outlook on myself, my future, and my day.

When it comes to my body, my opinion on it can change within the course of an hour. From “you are rocking this look. Look at you go. You’ve got a strong body that enables you to lead an active, healthy life” to “ughhh. This body is repulsive. Those thighs? That stomach? You better go put something roomier on. This is not a body worthy of love or pride.” Despite the drastic change in opinion, there is no physical way that my body is significantly different after one hour. My change in opinion on my body stems entirely from my subjective perspective. How I choose to see my body.

You need to be loving with and supportive of yourself. Be your own #1 fan. Positive self-talk can go a long way towards enabling self-improvement and achieving your meaning of success. So give yourself a hug. You are AWESOME. Today and every day.

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