Rejeki yang kita cari atau rejeni yang kita jemput

Seseorang bercerita pada saya… dia seorang nenek tua sekali sudah mengalami getirnya hidup dalam masa lalunya. Ia bercerita rejeki jangan di cari nak tapi kamu harus jemput dia persipkan dirimu agar…


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Ambitious. Accomplished. Pregnant.

Pregnancy has been an interesting journey for me. There’s just so much to digest and I tend to be one of those deep divers when it comes to information. If the doctor tells me something I’m going to do a TON of research. That’s just how I am. Things changed about 6 months in — I cared but it wasn’t that serious. For my sanity I just decided to go with the flow and log off the interwebs.

There are also the experts. I have very quickly learned that having had one child (and especially three) makes most everyone pregnancy and parenting experts. *lol* I’ve decided to stick with the advice of doctors and even my closest friend who I’ve leaned on for advice suggests I call my doctor anytime something strange comes up. She’s a pharmacist and has squashed my fear of appearing too paranoid and thinking that I’m being a pest by calling. I appreciate her for that.

Oh and the fear of miscarriage after miscarrying seems to never go away …

Everything I feared about becoming pregnant while being an ambitious entrepreneur is true. In the beginning I slowed down and really wasn’t able to accomplish as much in as little time and that did a number on my psyche. I didn’t beat myself up at all, I just found myself feeling defeated some days. Weekends seem to hit me the worst. I used to be able to get 150 million things done on the weekends. I’d start out very ambitious heading out of the door with my full plan and after a few hours out I felt like I was going to die if I didn’t take a nap in the next 20 minutes … so I’d go home and lay down for about two hours only to wake up feeling like I did when I went to sleep (tired as hell). It was vicious cycle.

This seemed to wane a bit as the pregnancy progressed. I still get tired, just not THAT tired and the upside of all of this is that I’ve become an even better PLANNER. I know my time is very limited and that the day can turn left at any given moment, so I get EVERYTHING that MUST be done handled as early as possible. I’ve also found myself eliminating things and people that feel draining. I barely have the energy so if you’re doing the most you’re out. It’s that simple.

My list of pregnancy stuff (so far) is …

Well, that’s all I have for now as I kick off my 8th month of pregnancy. Almost there!

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