Bibit Kelapa Unggul Entog Genjah Berkualotas Harga Terjangkau Kota Tasikmalaya

bibit kelapa unggul entog genjah berkualotas harga terjangkau Kelapa genjah entok terkenal akan keunggulannya. Kelapa genjah entok memiliki ciri khas genjah(pendek sudah berbuah) dengan ukuran 2,5- 3…


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Quick and Handy After Effects Shortcuts

After Effects is a fantastic program that I use relatively often whether it be for UX Prototyping, creating Videos Ads or even gifs for eDM’s. I often don’t have a lot of time to spend on a project so shortcut keys are suuuuper helpful.

Here I have collected (and will add to) my most used and handy-but sometimes-unknown After Effects Keyboard Shortcuts that help speed up my day-today processes and might just help you.


T: Show only Opacity settings in a layer
S: Show only Scale settings in a layer
P: Show only Position settings in a layer
U: Show all settings that have a key frame set
CMD+OPT+SHIFT: Center Anchor Point of layer (this is really, really handy)


B: Begin RAM Preview from this point
N: End RAM Preview at this point
CMD + SHIFT + D: Splits layer into two layers at current time
OPT + Either P (Position), T(Opacity), S(Scale): Creates keyframe of chosen type at current time.


These are just to get the ball rolling but I will add more as I come across them. I won’t create a have a massive list of shortcuts here as there are already enough sites doing that, but I will add any I find really handy.

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