How Listening to Indie Developers Led to the Creation of a New Kind of Conference for Games.

We interviewed game developers and publishers and used those results to build a new business conference for video games.


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The only way is through

Grief and I are still new to each other. It’s just a little over three months since my dad passed away. Passed on? Died? I haven’t even made peace with what to call this. This sudden moment when I feel like my breath is taken away. This weight that I wake up with every morning. This sudden feeling in my throat and then I am crying. This “thing” that decides to go away some times during the day, most times some days and then I begin to believe life is almost back to normal and then this is back. It’s always a sinking realization. There is no getting over it, stepping aside, recovering from it, there is only living with it. The only way is through. This is my life now. My life without my dad. desultory life, trudging through a painful, new terrain without a map.

Living in Silicon valley, you come to believe everything is a muscle. You can become smarter, healthier, prettier, stronger, braver by training the required muscle. There is no muscle to get you faster through grief. It is a slow, painful, long trek through life, without my dad, one step at a time. There are no short cuts. There is no map. The only way is through.

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