How to Build Your First Ionic Mobile App

To build your first Ionic app, you will need to have the Ionic CLI installed on your machine. You can install it by running the following command: This will create a new Ionic app with the default…


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The buzzword. From social apps linking people and disseminating info before you’ve had a chance to think if you even wanted it, to the other extreme of automated ordering and loading up of groceries even before you’ve had a chance to exude a burp from your last meal! Yes, we are now living in a society and era where everything is connected. Most, if not almost all of, the 7 billion people inhabiting the earth and add to it the push towards 50 billion connected devices in the near future — all connected in one way or another. Connected and communicating. All thanks to technology visionaries and their uninhibited drive towards “closing the gap”. Digitally.

Pause. Yes, connected we are. Pause again. Are we really ? Or are we intentionally forcing ourselves to believe we are in touch with everything that matters ? Are we really connected ? .

Yes. In spite of all the advancement, we seem to be slowly, but surely, regressing in areas that pertain to us being humans. Nature. And human nature. Humans inter-acting with each other. Inter-acting and integrating with nature. Not that we don’t, but it’s so few and far in-between. We are losing out. Losing out on what is readily available. If we only can make some time for it. Just a little more than the little we already do.

To those of us born and brought up in an era where by digital, we only meant the tiny red-lettered device, the calculator, the current digital diarrhea is starting to evoke strong emotions. And to us, then, connected meant being in the physical. The physical connectedness — with other humans and nature. The connectedness felt with looking someone in the eye and understanding the thousand words the lips never uttered. The connectedness felt with the warmth of a hug. The connectedness felt when another accepted your sincere thanks with a genuine smile, or you, theirs. The connectedness felt when you just hung out with your friends at the street corner. The connectedness felt when your friends mother made you savor her speciality when you showed up uninvited. The connectedness of a human touch. The sensory touch. The intangible touch like that of the touch of an early morning sun ray on the cheek. The touch of a water droplet on the back of your neck. The audible touch of a cuckoos call. Yes, the non-digital touch. Yes, non-digital. The authentic touch. And not the finger touch. To those of us who at least know there is a difference, should at least take a moment to pat ourselves.

The connectedness of having touched and communicated — with no devices. The connectedness and touch of a different kind. Authentic.


Or are we ?

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