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Ditengah situasi politik yang semakin memanas, kita semestinya lebih bersikap kritis terhadap informasi yang masuk, berita yang tak tahu asalnya, berita bohong yang sengaja di produksi hanya untuk…


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Cryptocurrency Mining is a process which runs on computer sequences by decrypting transaction blocks. Mining currently requires specialized mining rigs or devices. When a miner processes a block a few things happen such as:
•Pending transactions are calculated resulting in a transaction fee for the miner
•New crypto valuables are created and awarded to the miner or pool of miners
•The next link in the chain is sealed and confirmed throughout the blockchain creating a permanent record of the transactions and the new generated assets.

MinedBlock is offering security tokens with services which runs on the Polymath ST20 create funds which in turn enables them offer great services for esteemed investors to benefit from facilities which houses a giant scale mining functions without any problems of buying or maintaining these obviously expensive facilities.MinedBlock will create a dedicated mining facility which focuses on mining multiple coins from within the top 50 by market cap to ensure a diverse range of revenue streams for customers to benefit from. Through the proposed large scale operation, they will help improve the decentralisation of coins where there are already large pools dominating the hash rates of popular coins.

Customers interested in our security tokens are to pass KYC(know your customer) on their website to enable them get whitelisted to receive tokens after successful purchase. This is to meet the necessities of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC); US investors will need to qualify as Accredited Investors. Their security token, MBTX tokens are at a discounted value of $0.075 per token. This sale is staged at initial pre-sale available for 30 calendar days with a base price of 0.8 POLY per MBTX which indicates 20% discount on the standard token price. After a successful pre-sale they will start the main sale stage, details of which will be available on their website.

They utilize a dual modeled token alogarithms. Basically MinedBlock uses two different tokens in functioning which are Security Tokens which enables a passive income and a Utility Token which enables opportunities to pay-as-you-go on the platform. While MBTX is a security token,MBTU is a utility token.
MBTX has some striking features such as:
*Being able to be traded on exchanges
*Able to earn you 75% passively
*Are Polymath ST20 Security Tokens
* Have a monthly profit payments system on shares
N/B:75% of the total mining service output will be owned collectively by MBTX token holders

Also the MBTU which is an ERC-20 TOKEN based on the Ethereum network also have features as:
*Used to pay management bills
*Enables profits to be deposited to your personal wallets
*traded freely on exchanges
*Can be used to purchase private mining equipments

The mission is to become a strategic and professional business firm in the cryptocurrency world and for MinedBlock to become a huge firm that owns these facilities needed to process transactions and create crypto valuables. Such that the loyal investors benefit massively from the infrastructure as we push greatly to become the new "Superman" of the cryptocurrency world.

>>This article was posted in exchange for a potential token reward through Bounty0x

Bountyox username: Sachs

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