Time for a truce

The civil war between SNP and Labour is so vicious because they share so much, trading voters, members and policies over the years. Mainstream opinion in Scottish Labour wants the UK to remain in the…


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How to Build Your First Ionic Mobile App

Once the Ionic CLI is installed, you can create a new Ionic app by running the following command:

This will create a new Ionic app with the default starter template. You can choose from a variety of templates, such as blank, tabs, or sidemenu, by using the — type option:

To run your app in the browser, navigate to the root directory of your app and run the following command:

This will start a development server and open a new browser window with your app.

You can also run your app on a device or emulator by using the ionic cordova run command.

Cordova plugins are a way to add native functionality to your Ionic app. They allow you to access device features such as the camera, GPS, and more.

To add a Cordova plugin to your Ionic app, you will need to install the Cordova CLI and the plugin itself.

First, install the Cordova CLI by running the following command:

Then, navigate to the root directory of your Ionic app and run the following command to add the plugin:

Replace [plugin-name] with the name of the plugin you want to add.

For example, to add the Cordova Camera plugin, you would run the following command:

After the plugin is installed, you can use it in your Ionic app by importing the plugin and using its APIs.

Here is an example of how you can use the Cordova Camera plugin to take a picture:

Here are some tips for improving the performance of your Ionic app:

India has a thriving software industry, with many successful companies using ionic in order to create mobile applications moreover they provide a range of software products and services to a global market. These companies have made significant contributions to the growth of the Indian economy and have helped position the country as a major player in the global software market.

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