Abnormal Winter Growth on My Vegetable Garden

It takes thousands of years for plants to adapt to a new climate. It can never happen within a generation.


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Holy Shit

society worships whatever it focuses on the most. I live in America, so I’d say based on my experience living here that the god of America is money and capitalism. the way i see it, that means money and capitalism is holy in America. we seem to be super divided and can’t agree on anything (we spend most of our time arguing over bathrooms while China is building super-highways for fuck’s sake) but everyone agrees you need money. but since capitalism constantly makes people strive for every penny its no surprise that a bunch of tired out motherfuckers who’ve spent years dealing with assholes will do the least amount of shit possible just to get by. heck, i don’t blame them. in any case, this leads me to conclude that America has an obsession with Holy Shit.

everyone you turn there’s new shit being sold, new shit being advertised, new shit being debated about, new shit on top of shit, piled on even more shit. everything has been turned into a giant wheel of commodity here in the states and people have become so driven by profit that 99 percent of it is just pure, stinking shit.

to be fair, the whole world is kinda going through this, but we in America like to be number one. we strive to be the best at creating shit and then go home after an eleven-hour work day (because god knows no one can survive on eight hour work days anymore) and pop a few mood stabilizers just to block the smell of all-pervading shit.

we should honestly change our nation’s motto to “one nation united by shit.”

the question i have is, does any of this shit make people happy? Does driving in traffic two hours a day just to work a mind-numbing job really give you well-being? Do you like rolling in shit?

this all sounds like a doom-and-gloom scenario but there’s hope. shit always makes for good fertilizer. I’m thinking there might be a different way. honestly, my opinion is so meaningless compared to the mass of seven billion human beings that I don’t even know why i’m typing this. But maybe, just maybe, I can inspire, like, two people two step back and wonder if money and capitalism doesn’t have to be the god of everything. yeah, i know its important; yeah, I get it, its what keeps the world turning around; and NO i’m not an effin communist…but maybe, just maybe for once people could stop, take a breath and do their best to enjoy some quality in their lives. Maybe stop and spend time with family; maybe go on a hike; maybe look up at the cosmos and say to yourself, “Holy shit, life is so much greater than silly organic monkeys like us could ever imagine.”

that leads me to my final point; just because society is obsessed with Holy Shit doesn’t mean you have to be. I honestly don’t have a clue what people should worship, if anything. and i’d be a grade-A arrogant ass wipe to say i knew the right way to live. but i hope that deep down people can read this, then look up there at the sky and realize that there is something holy after all — life and all of its beauty.

my advice: pause, take a moment, and enjoy it.

all the best to you,

Ipi Kanoan

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