5 Ways of Becoming a More Mature Person

No matter what age you’re at, there are always moments when you feel like a little child — scared, out of control, and don’t know how to do the right thing. It happens to me once in a while too. At…


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Flipping The Script On The Holidays

While many look forward to the holiday season, it can also be a time of heightened stress and anxiety. If you’re dreading the holiday season, here are some ways to revise the narrative you might be telling yourself!

Are you someone who suffers from a case of the “shoulds?” This time of year can trick us into thinking that there is a right and wrong way to experience the holidays. The holiday season can be tough as it is, even without a pandemic, so go easy on yourself if you aren’t as merry as society tells you to be! Instead, try to acknowledge what you’re feeling — the good, the bad, and the in-between. And know that despite what you see on your social media feed, you are not alone in your feelings.

We’ve had to shift many of our 2020 plans this year, and the holidays are no exception. So if the easiest thing is to sit the holidays out altogether, then go with that! An alternative? Try using this time to reflect and recharge. Assess what’s important, what makes you feel grounded, and what gives you energy as you approach the new year.

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