The Case For Cultural Amnesia. I Guess?

I remember seeing a talk show in the 80s, either Oprah or Donahue, where they had on this family who had basically been chased out of town after one or more of their children got AIDS from a blood…


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Price and Quality

I used to think that the price of goods is linear with its quality until I realized it is not. One accident made me think.

I got a flat tire and need to replace it. We were about to shift from the brand we used to use since it seems not suitable for medium to long drive (We were often driving cilegon-bogor every week). My wife did the research (She was so good at researching) of other brands, tried to find the best type, and with the price. Said its type A.

I called several shops around our home and asked about the availability and price of that specific tire. Fortunately, the shop that very near to our home had the said type and the price was also attractive. I went to that shops straight away.

In the shops, I said that I want to buy tire type A. After checking she said that the shops had a special offer of the new type that cost slightly above type A. Assuming that when the price is higher the quality is better, I did not rethink and agreed to the new type. Then at home, I realized that it is a worse tire, and I believe the shop made more money from selling this new type.


This story taught me that price is not always linear with quality, which means: there is crap that sold at an expensive price, there are also high-quality goods that sold at a reasonable price. And it is not easy to see the quality of goods, how to distinguish the good ones from the crap ones. It requires a lot of experience, failures, research before we gain expertise in “see the quality of goods”. This expertise is actually representative of our life philosophy and vision.

I recalled Haruki Murakami wrote about Sofa in his 1985 novel “Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the end of the World”.

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