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Gay men love jock straps

An athletic supporter from Walmart.

Athletic supporters have a practical purpose, but they are now practically a uniform for some gay men.

A jock strap is made for jocks, right? I was no jock as a child, avoiding organized sports for fear of not doing well. But when I got to 7th grade with its weekly gym classes that included uniforms, I was suddenly in need of an athletic supporter.

I was shy, too. I was embarrassed to ask my Dad about it, and he was never into sports anyway. My brother was out of state. So I went to the downtown sports store and bought one. I approached it with almost the same trepidation you would with buying condoms.

I was learning to masturbate and enjoying my occasional play times with my friend Duane, and this strap struck me as very masculine but also sexual. You place your private parts into this sack held with straps that left your butt open. I really didn’t see its practical purpose….only a sexual one. And yet our gym teacher would randomly pull out the waistband of our shorts to see if we were wearing one. Doubt that could happen today!

Decades later, after coming out, I discovered that jock straps are indeed considered highly homoerotic.

They are everyone in porn, and some gay bars (pre-Covid) sponsor evenings when the patrons are invited to wear them. Bottoms often wear them, and tops, too, although I don’t understand why they want to struggle with them while fucking a guy.

To me, as a bottom, it seems submissive, like my hole is open and ready. And if I’m in a topping or dominant mood, why would I want to hide my asset? But I have a few that I’ve worn at the gay campgrounds or as part of a Halloween costume. My boyfriend doesn’t like them on me or him, which surprises me. Early on, I would wear one as we started to make love, and he always wanted it off.

I pretty much prefer total nudity for myself and others even if the bodies aren’t great, or the dicks perfect.

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