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Digitalisation has not necessarily killed the printed magazines!

With the digitalisation of the media and the increase in new media environments, there is a rapid change and transformation in the broadcasting processes and the content of the broadcasts. The publishing sector has been operating digitally for many years. Moreover, printed products are also being transformed to include digital production methods to be offered to the users on the internet. The increase in individualisation and the rapid development of internet technologies have enabled the transformation of the press. While the traditional press continues to protect itself by losing blood, it also strives to reach the user in digital environments. In this case, the publishers who has, combine their work with digital media and which has choose to attract niche customers and offer them a quality content on a first class paper managed to stay in business and be successful.

While some magazines continue to be published in print, the old issues are uploaded to the web sites and the user can easily access them electronically. In addition to these, there are journals that go back from the traditional magazine to the digital magazine as well as those that continue to be published digitally.

The most important feature that distinguishes the digital magazine from the traditional magazine is that the digital magazine allows its readers to easily communicate with digital content (especially in shopping-oriented news), comment on the content, and communicate with the authors and editors of the magazine on the same platform.

The transformation of journalism from traditional journalism to digital journalism is the product of a process that has been going on since the 1990s. The spread of the Internet and the digitalisation of communication environments make electronic media a center of attraction. Therefore, this makes it compulsory for the manufacturer to use these environments in order to reach the consumer.

On the other hand, printed magazines have a website and the halo effect of having both tools give them a competitive advantage over the digitial only competitors which are not able to show their quality and reliability through their physical material. (Kalim, 2019)

Printed material is highly respected in the world, as a result of labor and capital spent in the production process. It is still a fact that printed materials are demanded by consumers and marketers. Therefore, the companies, which only choose to be only digital platforms are probably going to fail but the ones which used both printed and digital platforms are more likely to succeed.

For instance, one of the most important developments that we could follow in terms of the publication or digitalisation of journals was that ‘’Newsweek’’ first digitised and then returned with the traditional printed version. Based on factors such as declining advertising revenue and the number of readers, the magazine first died in print, then realised its mistake — the traditional readership still existed and the market not dead — and made strong moves in both areas and returned to the market.

In conclusion in this crowded media environment, its a quick way to quality through magazine brands so magazines are still enjoying a good life. When we look at the picture in the world, it is possible to say that we are neither at the end of printed publishing nor at the beginning of digital publishing in terms of the magazine sector.

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