Growing Commercial Sector Boosting the U.S. Self Propelled Lawn Mowers Market

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Brazilian Shopping Mall opens its doors to technology and starts accepting Bitcoin in its stores

The Multi Open Shopping is the only open mall in the south of Florianópolis that brings in its essence the concept of well-being in a friendly and quiet environment. With an eye on the future, the mall also opens its doors to technology and innovation, becoming the first shopping mall in Brazil to accept Bitcoin as payment in its stores through the Bancryp POS terminal.

Daniel Simas, um dos proprietários da Barbearia VIP, o primeiro local que passou a aceitar Bitcoins no Multi Open Shopping

It is already possible to use Bitcoins in restaurants, a tobacco store, a surf and clothing store, technical assistance, and others in a simple and fast way.

Bancryp has been working to make the Multi Open Shopping the world’s first shopping mall to accept Bitcoin in all its stores. Today more than 70% of the mall’s stores are ready to accept Bitcoin as payment for its services and products.

Bancryp has been enhancing the experience of cryptocurrency users by bringing to the market the Bancryp wristband and Bancryp card to pay with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Thanks to them, you don’t need to have a device connected to the Internet to read the QR code, as the devices rely on contactless technology.

In an ambitious and challenging project, Bancryp, the first Brazilian cryptobank, is establishing a new era in the cryptoeconomic market in Brazil, making access to cryptocurrencies easy for common people through accessories and tools that make the use of cryptocurrencies in daily life a reality.

Bancryp is like a bank, only it works with cryptocurrencies. All the processing is made with cryptocurrencies, without having to go through the formalities and bureaucracy of financial institutions like traditional payment companies.


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