The Time for Change is Now

There will be no better opportunity for us than the next elections due in or before April-May 2019. While the BJP won a majority in 2014 (in which I had a role to play via Niti Digital), it is…


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How the Coronavirus Changed My Wedding Ceremony from Good to Great

Making change my friend

Change is here. In a big way.

Our daily lives look nothing like last month.

Did we ever think we see times like this?

The Coronavirus changed everything. Including weddings.

I was talking to a bride the other day. Her wedding was delayed, and she was upset. Her desire is to be married now.

Every little girl dreams of the day she’s married and has a baby. It is ingrained in the DNA.

She was upset to move the wedding forward for several months. We shared the pain of the delay, and I offered my empathy.

As the conversation continued, I said; “Let’s look at the wedding and see if we can make it epic.” If delay is a must, let’s take the ceremony over the top and out of the box.”

As a pastor, I have seen a major shift in wedding ceremonies.

Some good and some not so good.

Weddings were once consistent. A man and woman were tying a knot. No longer that limited. There was a time that all weddings were at the church and performed by only the pastor. No longer the normal.

Wedding venues have popped up all across America. In cities, counties, and countrysides. Well-equipped venues are well worth the investment.

They design the best wedding venues to host per-service needs, the wedding ceremony and the reception. All this at less expense than most churches.

Another big change at weddings is the traditional attire. All weddings were once formal — tuxedos, suits, and ties ruled the day.

Not in this generation.

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