Poliamor sem groselha

Vejo aqueles documentários do GNT sobre adoção, alimentação, amor e me dá náuseas, tudo cheira a groselha. Algumas chamadas do programa sobre poliamor me davam a sensação de que, apesar das…


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The 7 Propaganda Techniques And How They Sucker Web Developers.


We Sleep, They Live

Near as can be told the “Seven Classical Propaganda Techniques” were first codified in an uncredited article in the second issue of “Propaganda Analysis” from 1937. This was just a small bulletin/newsletter of the — at that time newly founded — Institute for Propaganda Analysis. (IPA).

In the decades since it has had a profound effect in both how propaganda is used, and in recognizing both the evils and good of it. One of the core aspects of these techniques is that they can overlap and blend in ways that quite simply bypasses rational thought. They make you feel, instead of think. Whilst their being formalized didn’t happen until the 1930’s, they were all relatively well known and used by religions, politics, and any other group trying to promote views that were… how to put this politely? Viewpoints that were more fiction than fact.

Do you know what thinking is? It’s just a fancy word for changing your mind.

Now, don’t get me wrong, propaganda can be used for good. In and of itself there is no evil or wrong to it. However, it is rooted in dishonesty and trying to manipulate you into believing something that generally is devoid of actual merit; much less fact. You have to look at the reason they are being dishonest with you and pause to think.

Once you understand these techniques it can be a bit of a life changer, you’ll start to see them everywhere. If you’ve ever seen the movie “They Live” it’s a bit like putting on the Hoffman lenses. The messages are hidden in plain sight, and you’ve spent most of your life not ignoring them, but blindly letting them control how you think and what you do.

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