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Foreign flags and unconscious citizens

There is a popular restaurant 100 feet away from my house at Uttara, Dhaka. Like everyday, I was coming to office through the road by the front of that restaurant. I noticed that two flags were flying side by side above the restaurant building. One was our Bangladeshi flag and another was Argentine flag and there was a small Bangladeshi flag just above that Argentine flag. According to Bangladeshi law, general people can’t fly a foreign flag here but if you need to fly foreign flag (on any occasion) then you should put a Bangladeshi flag just above that flag. From this point, it doesn’t break the law but in a way, it broke two laws.

Before discussing about the breaking laws, I must need to mention that when FIFA World Cup season starts then crazy Bangladeshi football fans generally divided into two or three groups. A group of people support Brazil and fly their favorite team’s flag on their house rooftop, their business organization’s rooftop. Another group support Argentina and they do the same thing. There

is another group who support Germany, Spain or Portugal and they do the same thing though they are very less in number. However, it is discouraged here to not fly foreign flags but state does not take any action because these crazy people doesn’t have any intention against Bangladesh. Sometimes, foreigners, who comes to visit here in the FIFA World Cup season, becomes surprised whether they are in Bangladesh or Argentina-Brazil!

Okay. Let’s discuss about the fact how they still breaking two laws by flying these flags thought World Cup has been finished almost a month ago. Firstly, the restaurant I mentioned above broke the law by flying the flag at night. There is a strict law that you can’t fly Bangladeshi flag after sunset. They are breaking the law. Secondly, this is month of August. Yesterday, it was 15th August, the National Mourning Day. I am sure that the Bangladeshi flag they were flying was not half-bent yesterday on the National Mourning Day. The amount of dirt were accrued by the flags was clearly showing that restaurant authority didn’t maintain the law of dragging of before sunset.

After passing by that restaurant, there is a residential building and it also flying a Brazilian flag on the rooftop! Moreover, beside that building, there was another flag flying proudly on the rooftop! This is how our Bangladeshi people are ‘conscious citizen of the state’! This ‘consciousness’ made us one of the most corrupted country and our Dhaka city became one of the most unlivable cities. When citizens are not aware of basic laws then how do you accept a clean city? how do you accept to be a developed country?!

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