Javascript Functions

Functions are the building blocks of a Javascript program. A Function contains a set of statements which performs a specific task. The function is basically wrapping a piece of program in a value. A…


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My experience with Oncell Systems

In the summer of 2018, I did some work for my Fathers former company called Oncell Systems. This was my first experience being inside of an office where there were about twenty employees working the usual nine to five job. Most of my time there I spent doing data entry, entering possible customers' information into a database that the sales team could easily go into the database and lookup potential customer's information to begin pursuing their business. This database which was new within the last ten years or so seemed to be a very helpful tool for the company. Thinking about what they used to do before they had the database got me thinking how much longer this job would take if it had to be done by hand. At the time, I did not think too much of this technology I was using and I did not think it was a big deal. But, now that I am getting involved in this research I am realizing that technology has been making companies run smoother and more efficiently for years now. The fear that I have with new technology rapidly infiltrating the business world is the fear that these computer systems will soon take over a significant amount of human jobs. While working at Oncell I saw how frequent technology is used in the everyday function of this company. I can remember being confused when walking by the conference room because I heard talking from the screen and come to find out they were having a meeting with a potential client in Japan. Seeing how much technology has grown even from two years ago when I worked there for the summer is astonishing. Nowadays, between school, doctor appointments, and interviews it seems as if almost everything is virtual and I wonder if it will ever fully go back to how it was. Another point I would like to make about my time at Oncell is the age diversity that the company had. There were workers from their early twenties to their mid-sixties working at Oncell that summer and all of them were expected to be knowledgeable on the technology being used. It seemed as if the office was on the same page as I saw all employees able to find the information that I was entering on the database. Going forward in the future, I have hope that we as a society can adapt to the changing technology and keep the value of human work at the top of the priority list for the workplace.

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