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IBM Cloud Private Installation Behind a Proxy

The main issue is how to let Docker work behind a proxy server during a docker pull. The other issue is around Helm tiller and making it work behind a proxy to populate the App Catalog.

Note 1: If you’ve already deployed IBM Cloud Private and want to configure proxy settings post-installation, jump to the end of this article.

Note 2: This article has been updated for IBM Cloud Private

1. Create the docker.service.d/ folder

On all nodes (Master, Management, Proxy and Work nodes), perform the following commands:

2. Restart Docker

Now, continue the IBM Cloud Private installation process normally until you’re about to manually edit the IBM Cloud Private config.yaml file.

3. Customize the IBM Cloud Private config.yaml file

If you’re deploying Docker automatically using the IBM Cloud Private Installer, add the following Docker environment variables in your config.yaml file.

This will configure the Helm tiller daemon proxy settings in order to populate the IBM Cloud Private App Catalog.

Resume installation steps normally and that’s it.

After installation is complete, you can validate that the proxy entries have been correctly committed into IBM Cloud Private by accessing the /opt/ibm-cloud-private-ee- file.

For password protected proxies make sure you use the following notation:

You can edit proxy settings post-installation, we just need to edit a few things:

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