Why Unstoppable?

My focus in my business is helping others become unstoppable. You may ask, “why unstoppable”? Is unstoppable a gimmick? I think that is a good question. You see, I have lived through a number of…


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Change Perspective to Destress

Life is full of stressors, internal and external.

We all have stress continually in our lives, some of us worry and get anxious about the future, others get anxious about the past, and let that define them.

I am one of those thinking of the future always and what will happen, and in my work I have many stressors, a lot of things that I have no control over but I stress about them? It’s very foolish of me, but that’s what I do.

Past Failures

For those who stress about something in the past, let nothing define you. Failures or things we mess up are wonderful teachers. They teach us to change our behaviour they give us deeper insight and they make us wiser.

I messed up completely once in an international presentation. It wasn’t that I forgot what I was going to say, or was stressed about talking. It was that I presented the wrong information. I was trying to warn the business about a pending catastrophe, but the directors at the time were not interested. They wanted to hear only the good news. They were not there to give insight or advice, even though they stated that was the reason they were there.

When it came down to it, they really didn’t want to think, they wanted the rest of us to solve everything and then when it went pear-shaped they could point fingers. (At the same time they were trying to restructure, so this gave them an option to do so.) Pretending they knew nothing of the looming threats kept them nice and cosy in their jobs.

Stress about the future

If only we could all apply that thinking to every stressful situation we face.

In any movie where a stressful event happens like an earthquake or bomb blast etc. Anything life threatening causes people to focus in on survival, living moment to moment. We should apply the same thinking, rather than live our lives in our heads, we should live in the…

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