IBM Cloud Private Installation Behind a Proxy

Following our last post, IBM Cloud Private Offline Installation, we had many questions around how to deploy and make IBM Cloud Private work behind a restrictive HTTP Proxy. The main issue is how to…


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Making Cuts

A 1,000 word short story

Photograph copyright — Patsy Collins

Dorothy hears the distant sound of a lawnmower and smiles. The sound will grow increasingly loud as one by one, each of her neighbour’s lawnmowers is started up and their little patches of grass cut tidily short. At one time she’d hated the noise as it came towards her in a kind of horticultural Mexican sound wave.

A few years ago she’d regularly have her clean washing smothered in debris as the council came by, cutting down all the lovely wild flowers on the verge opposite her house. Everyone seemed equally annoyed. Motorists got cross because the huge mowers held up traffic. Nature lovers were saddened, as the cuts seemed to come just as the flowers were about to bloom and feed the insects. Council tax payers were incensed their money wasn’t being put to better use. Anyone living close by was irritated by the dust and noise.

Then cuts of a different kind came. Whether you blamed the current government or the last one, the facts were the same; there wasn’t enough money to pay for regular verge trimming. Although sympathetic to those who’d lost jobs and concerned what those financial cuts would mean to youngsters like her grandson Luke, Dorothy was pleased the grass and flowers were left to grow.

Her neighbours had, of course, continued to cut their lawns. She’d hear the annoying noise for a while, then it seemed to stop. In reality, the gardener was moving his mower from front garden to back, or vice versa, and the noise soon started up again. Why people bothered with grass in the tiny space out the front Dorothy didn’t know. She’d replaced hers with rose and lavender bushes. Caring for them was easier than lugging the mower down the side path, and in summer they provided colour and scent.

Just as she was sure whoever it was really had finished, another mower would start. She supposed seeing or hearing the first person prompted neighbours to remark, “Everyone is doing their grass, we’d better do ours,” or, “Seems Bill thinks it will stay dry long enough to mow the lawn, he’s usually right about the weather.” So on and on it went all day.

The noise wasn’t really the trouble. From indoors it was just an irritation, which made it a little difficult to hear the television or concentrate on her book. It was only fairly recently the mowing…

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