Stop telling me about your religious views !!!

Born in a great country like India which follows a positive type of secularism is a great thing which happened to me and I am quite proud of it. Here the government at least according to the…


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Praying for Loved Ones Contributes Greatly to Living an Unparalleled Life

We are not meant to live our lives alone

Okay, Apostle Paul; What’s your point?

Actually, I’m convinced Paul was not trying to make a point.

He wasn’t teaching.

He was living his everyday life the way he always lived.

One thing among many about Paul was he had a concern with the lives lived by others. Paul cared about others. He expressed his love in prayer for his friends. Paul instructed us in I Corinthians chapter ten to imitate me, as I imitate Christ.

I don’t know about you, but I want to be more like Paul. Yes, keeping the names of my family and friends daily in my prayers.

My friend, Bible teacher, Tony Cooke says;

Change my me into we and brighten my days.

Living life alone is lonely. It is not what God intended for us.

Today, I want to join with Paul and express my love for those walking this road with me. Focus on others more than my concern for me.

Make your prison break today. Step through the bars of me into the freedom of WE. You and me, we can do this. I know we can.

Thinking of you and thanking our God with joy in my heart today.


Dear God, Daily, create in me a heart and love for my friends. Amen


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