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Power Motivates Leaders and Managers in 3 Important Ways

Leadership skills depend on correct use of authority and influence

Credit: Pixabay Creative Commons license

Power is a necessary driving force for leaders and managers. They are more likely to succeed with the effective use of power and more likely to fail without it.

The definition of the word shows why it’s a worthwhile concept for managers to consider. Dictionaries largely agree that power is control, authority or influence over other people. Control, authority and influence are exactly what most managers possess because they need them to motivate employees.

The word power doesn’t show up in most everyday discussions at work because it has a slightly negative connotation. Besides, most managers are too busy working to talk about management philosophies. But it is critical for managers to understand this metaconcept (a general representation of multiple concepts) even if they don’t talk about it. Managers who grasp the proper and improper uses of power at work will learn how to wield it with integrity and effectiveness.

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