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Are You a Chaser or a Chasee in Dating?

Knowing what you are will help you figure out your compatibility

On paper, Cody seemed great.

He was real boyfriend material. He was respectful, kind, and attentive.

More importantly, he was interested in me.

But being with him always felt a little weird because he was so reluctant to make a move.

I met him at a party and he gravitated to me. We spent the night talking, but there was a strange energy to our conversation. He seemed to like me, but for some reason I just couldn’t feel certain about it.

As the night was ending, I realized that the little connection we formed was about to end, too. So, I took the initiative and gave him my email address so we could stay in touch.

We spent a few days talking over MSN Messenger and he invited me to another party. He found me as soon as he got there. Instead of wandering through the crowd, we snuck out a window and spent the night sitting on the roof talking.

This time, he took the initiative. Before we parted ways, he gave me an awkward hug. That was followed by some uncomfortable silence. Then, he said “Fuck it, I’m just going to do it” and kissed me.

I guess that sort of, kind of made it official. We were dating.

And that was the last time he made a big move.

Cody clearly liked me and took what we had seriously. He called me all the time. He came over to my place on a whim. He inserted himself into my life the way a boyfriend would, even though we weren’t officially exclusive.

But there wasn’t much chemistry between us, and approximately zero passion.

He was timid and not very flirtatious. And after that first kiss, he never initiated physical contact.

I kept signaling to him that I wanted more. I dropped some extremely strong hints that he could push things along. But he never did anything about them.

Over time, things just fizzled out.

I never fully understood why things didn’t work out with Cody. He was a decent guy and I liked him enough. He was clearly interested in me. He gave me the…

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