Patient or Scared?

I am 38 years old now. Just turned that age earlier this month. Throughout my entire life, I have considered myself a patient person. I work hard and have waited for opportunities to come my way. I…


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Time To Embrace The Dance

Merely Observing Not An Option

Not any dance will satisfy
The innermost desire of my heart
That yearning for Truth
For the Other
Only that special one
That is older than all the universes
Having given birth to creation itself
And whose divine movements
Led to the outpouring of love
Which bestowed blessings on all that came forth

From the beginning of all that is
The dancers formed an eternal circle
United in an inseparable bond of continual love
Their spinning and intricate steps built up the energy
That burst forth
Spreading cosmic dust everywhere in its wake
Withholding nothing

What glorious fires were ignited
That sustain life
And do not consume
Bonfires of hope

Feel the power
Let your whole body tremble at this revelation
Now put rhythm to the movements
Surrender to it
These actions of your spirit participate
In the divine rhapsody
That they echo
And from whence they gain strength

Forget structure
Leave control behind
Give in to this Dance Of Life
For this you were made

Look all around you
See the myriad of other dancers
Each having a part to play
In this mystical uplift of spirits
Ah, the colors they bring to the dance
Leaving country boundaries behind
All genders and none
Believers and unbelievers
None are excluded in
This universal ballet of life

Enough words
Cease talk
Dance or sing or play an instrument
Every gift is appreciated


Your heart will grow
All the world is yours

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