Getting Through The Days

Here I am sitting at my desk, thinking and writing about how my days has been going so far. Today is the 9th of January and I’m glad to say that I have managed to survive through the days from the…


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What is Entitled vs Entitlement?

Just about everyone is searching for answers. Consider your approach to the search.

While there are certain Universal truths out there, a great many other things are up for debate.

This can be applied to gender identity, religion, nationalism, and so forth. They are up for debate because unlike Universal truths, they can be directly changed, and are utterly individual.

Where this gets complicated is when people tend to fight over these matters. When people get defensive about a particular standpoint, they tend to see attacks and derision or intentional slights where none exist.

Wars have been fought over this sort of thing.

Many of these issues are viewed as “truth.” While for some it might be, for others it is not. Take religion, for example.

I am going to state this for the record, and it might offend some, but here it is: THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IS NOT A CHRISTIAN NATION. Despite attempts on the part of certain groups to steer the country in this direction, it’s not the truth. Lots of people across the USA are not Christian — and even if they are, there are any number of flavors and sects and practices of Christianity to choose from.

The point is when you get offended because your “truth” is called into question, or you feel that it is being derided, think about why this upsets you.

The problem that is borne of this notion, however, is the essence and nature of entitlement. Being entitled is not the same as having entitlement, and people confuse this ALL THE TIME.

Being entitled means that you have a right to be or feel a certain way. Entitlement, however, takes this a step further and adds an aspect of selfishness and righteousness that tends to deny other possibilities or truths.

This statement makes me crazy: You are entitled to your opinion. Why does this make me nuts? Because rather than just forming opinions, people cling to them like life rafts in a stormy sea amidst a shipwreck, even when being offered a hand into a sturdier rescue craft of truth.

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