Making Cuts

Dorothy hears the distant sound of a lawnmower and smiles. The sound will grow increasingly loud as one by one, each of her neighbour’s lawnmowers is started up and their little patches of grass cut…


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Praise YBER!

It is Friday

Strip 108 of #TheAdultManual

Praise YBER!

In this one I explain the process of what people wrongly construe a miracle. Death is held up due to an uncooperative YBER (wink! wink!) driver who refuses to go to Noida. Thanks to whom the kid he was supposed to collect just woke up from his coma. And this was deemed to be a miracle.

The big guy is absent from this comic as he has nothing to do with miracles in general. If you must thank someone, thank the YBER driver, all praise YBER! The nameless faceless man who in the face of strict company policy against all odds bravely refused to go.

Meanwhile poor death is stuck and this probably won’t look good on his mid year appraisal. Maybe he’ll quit soon and go back to driving YBERs, destroy this insubordinate system from within.

See you guys on Tuesday.

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