The aftermath

My mother is crying silently. I fight back tears because I must hold myself together. Inside me, I am breaking apart. I have to be the brave soul that takes charge now. I call my aunt, my mother’s…


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One Notebook to Make You More Productive

It changed my life

I admit it; I am a notebook junkie. I have an entire cupboard dedicated to storing all my unused ones. I also have three wooden chests filled with notebooks I have completed. I use them for everything and probably have a good four or five notebooks on the go at any one time.

Even sitting here now, I have two open on the desk beside me. One is my ideas journal, where I record ten ideas per day for articles I want to write . The other is a Happy Planner my friend sent to me for Christmas. However, if you were to look on the shelf next to those, you’d find my Morning Pages journal, my bullet journal and my commonplace notebook.

Notebooks have always been a bit of a journey for me. Stationary is a weird thing we get addicted to. When I was in my teens, I had a paperbound. Yep, I was that kid on the bike delivering the neighbours newspapers. It gave me a little bit of money so I could buy the things I liked, and one of those things was notebooks.

I’d stand in the stationary section of the local store, and it was almost like I could feel my soul filling up. It’s so hard to explain, but stationary, new notebooks and pens … they’re like little dopamine hits.

Back then, notebooks were used for writing stories, writing down my thoughts, sketching and planning. My best friend and I had a notebook filled with song lyrics.

But the importance of notebooks never really struck a chord until I discovered Ryder Carroll’s bullet journaling system. Finding that idea of his and using it in my own life was a game-changer for me and opened up a whole world of planning and organising my life.

Bullet journaling is a system by which you turn any blank notebook into a to-do list, a diary, a notebook, a gratitude journal and a sketchbook all in one.

If you search on YouTube, you’ll find whole channels dedicated to this system where people use them to not only organise their busy lives and work but as a way to guide themselves through self-development.

The system has really taken off, and now, Ryder’s basic bullet journal has become something of a work of art for every level of…

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